Sunday, April 13, 2008

Maybe not.

I've decided to drop the idea of the depressing future Max story. I started doing some character design for it, and I got discouraged. Why? Because drawing the main character just made me depressed. Not a good sign, especially since the whole idea of that comic was to deal with my hopefully avoided future by poking fun at it in the form of sequential art. I will scan and post the smidgen of concept art that I did do for it, though, because it is kind of amusing, and it's a charming little doodle at that.

Here's a new idea. A story about an agoraphobic mouse who lives alone in the abandoned house he was raised in. His parents and family are dead, and he is still on the young side. Either he was told as a child that the outdoors were bad, or maybe the parents ate rat poison and died. Or something. Either way, he's afraid of the unknown, and when the abandoned house gets condemned and demolished, he's forced to flee into a nearby wood, where his adventure into cruel reality begins.

Also, I'd like to join Kris, Kat, and Hunter in their dystopia project. I'm thinking I'd do something that involves an obsolete robot outcast who is trying to get by.

That's all I've got for now.

- Maxburg out.


[kr] mukai said...

Wooa. I like this rat story idea. Have you ever read Watership Down?? (it's also a terrifying movie)

maxburg said...

i've seen the gloriously terrifying movie, but have not read the book.