Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I've got an idea for a new comic. It'd be less story-oriented, and each page might even be drawn in a way that makes it its own short story. Of course, it would be about the same character every time.

The basic idea would be a comic about my possible, yet hopefully avoided future. It would be about a version of Max with a different name and a different appearance - one that is far more pathetic than any future Max you could imagine. It'd be a 30 or so year old version of me who is still living at home, is still unemployed, and is still taking just a few classes at a time, wishing that his dream of becoming a famous artist would just fall in his lap.

This future Max would never speak in the comic, just to enhance his timid lack of personality. This idea is basically a personal, gallows-humor look into what I never want to become. It'll be filled with fantasies, wishes, and, most of all, hilariously painful reality.

The best thing about this is the fact that I could work on it as slowly as I want... I'd release each page episodically.

Or maybe I won't release anything. We shall see.

- Maxburg out.


Kat Mukai said...

Go for it! Kris, Hunter and I can link to it on our dystopian webcomic site. OR BETTER YET, you could set it in a dystopian society and we'd publish together.

maxburg said...

that's an interesting idea, but i don't think it would work in a dystopian environment. the dystopia in futuremax's brain is enough to make it pathetic.

HOWEVER... that's not stopping me from maybe coming up with a dystopian comic idea when you guys do yours.