Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Loser and a Winner

So, remember when I said I'd post the wee bit of character design I did for that scrapped future Max project? Of course you don't. But here it is anyway.

And of course, here's the final character design for the so far unnamed rat protagonist (and his cricket friend, Francis).

That's all I got for now, but I've scanned the first two episodes of Scurry, and I'll be editing and text-ifying them shortly. So please, please check it out when I post it. I'd be ever so happy if you did.

- Maxburg out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


My new comic blog is up. Check it out here.

As you can see, page one isn't even done yet. It's too detailed of a page for my liking, and I've decided that after this one, the comic will assume a horizontal orientation. So I dunno, stick the comic blog on your RSS feeds and you'll know when it's updated (which should be very soon).

- Maxburg out.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Coffee Shop Quickies

Hey everyone. I did some sketches for that mouse (now rat) comic. I fail at drawing mice, and I think rats are more interesting anyway, so there you go. Here's the first real concept sketch for the main character. I doubt he'll ever look this polished in the actual comic.

Allow me to clarify this once again - he is most certainly not a mouse, even though the sketch would tell you otherwise. These next three pages are where the fun began. I started looking at photos of rats to bone up on my ability to draw them fast, because that first pencil sketch took fucking forever. The amount of time it took to draw his face was offensive. Just offensive. After the page of rat sketches, i started doodling the rat's first encounter with his new cricket/grasshopper friend. I don't know if grasshoppers even live in the woods. Whatever. I guess he's a cricket. Enjoy. Enjoy, and don't ask about the Snap-jawed Battlehare. Just enjoy him too.

From these drawings you all should have realized the fact that I draw heads huge, and I do this all the time. Aside from not fitting an entire figure on one page, it is my biggest weakness. Ugh.

- Maxburg out.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Maybe not.

I've decided to drop the idea of the depressing future Max story. I started doing some character design for it, and I got discouraged. Why? Because drawing the main character just made me depressed. Not a good sign, especially since the whole idea of that comic was to deal with my hopefully avoided future by poking fun at it in the form of sequential art. I will scan and post the smidgen of concept art that I did do for it, though, because it is kind of amusing, and it's a charming little doodle at that.

Here's a new idea. A story about an agoraphobic mouse who lives alone in the abandoned house he was raised in. His parents and family are dead, and he is still on the young side. Either he was told as a child that the outdoors were bad, or maybe the parents ate rat poison and died. Or something. Either way, he's afraid of the unknown, and when the abandoned house gets condemned and demolished, he's forced to flee into a nearby wood, where his adventure into cruel reality begins.

Also, I'd like to join Kris, Kat, and Hunter in their dystopia project. I'm thinking I'd do something that involves an obsolete robot outcast who is trying to get by.

That's all I've got for now.

- Maxburg out.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Cruel Fate

I go to the coffee shop to try and work on that new comic, and I realize I left all my supplies at home. Ugh.

- Maxburg out (right after I came in).

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm such a tease.

Because I don't have a viable place to put this comic for online viewing purposes, I'll tease everyone with the first page. Lame, I know. I'm also just too lazy to convert them all to JPEGs right now anyway.

-Maxburg out. Again.


I've got an idea for a new comic. It'd be less story-oriented, and each page might even be drawn in a way that makes it its own short story. Of course, it would be about the same character every time.

The basic idea would be a comic about my possible, yet hopefully avoided future. It would be about a version of Max with a different name and a different appearance - one that is far more pathetic than any future Max you could imagine. It'd be a 30 or so year old version of me who is still living at home, is still unemployed, and is still taking just a few classes at a time, wishing that his dream of becoming a famous artist would just fall in his lap.

This future Max would never speak in the comic, just to enhance his timid lack of personality. This idea is basically a personal, gallows-humor look into what I never want to become. It'll be filled with fantasies, wishes, and, most of all, hilariously painful reality.

The best thing about this is the fact that I could work on it as slowly as I want... I'd release each page episodically.

Or maybe I won't release anything. We shall see.

- Maxburg out.