Monday, November 5, 2007

"I do caricatures"

No, actually, I don't. That's bullshit. I do, however, doodle quite a lot, and every now and then I'll create striking doodly-portraits of people I know. I'm technically proficient at drawing myself and Hunter, and every now and then I'll meet someone who's just incredibly easy to draw. Here's some examples of the doodles I'm talking about.

Self-portraiture is my biggest weakness... especially when it comes to mindless doodling.

That first one is of Laura, if you didn't already guess. If you don't know who she is... too bad. The other two are of Hunter. You probably already know this.

Oh, if only I had the patience to upload each and every stupid doodle i do in my sketchbooks that vaguely resemble actual people. It'd be ever so amusing.

I'll get back to you guys when I think of something worthwhile to post.

Maxburg out.

DeviantArt Sucks.

Hi everyone.

After much deliberation (and before my excellent feast of 12 steak and cheese taquitos), I've decided that DeviantArt, as faithful as I've been to it for all these years, completely stinks. The only things that people really favorite these days are my Ender's Game illustrations. Of course,it's nice to know that
something gets views every once in a while, but it's about time I took favorites and pageviews out of the equation and made an art blog like the rest of my stupid friends.

Here's a little something that I did for my Illustration I class.

I'm actually kind of proud of this one. Our assignment was to illustrate our greatest fear or worst habit. I didn't want to get too personal, so I went with my general fear of making bad first impressions and bombing horribly when I joke around with people. Here I am in a freshly emptied comedy club, soaking in the putrid juices of my sense of humor.

After hours and hours of work on this sonnofabitch last night, my Illustration teacher got a lovely case of food poisoning and didn't show up. As much as I enjoyed getting an extra three hours of sleep this morning, I wish Professor Albright didn't have to spend all morning in the bathroom. I was looking forward to the critique.

Alright, that's all for the moment. I'll probably get all retro soon and post stuff from ye olden days... and by that I mean from a few weeks back. Until then, I can only leave my hundreds of readers salivating for more.

Maxburg out.