Friday, September 26, 2008

New ideas and udda fings

I've got to do something for the next volume of HATCH. During class today I got the idea to do something with a medieval fantasy setting. So I started drawing THIS fella.

So basically he's a wizard. I'm thinking a pyromancer, a bringer of flame. This story will take place in a gritty fantasy world in which magic is uncontrollable, unbridled, and absolutely forbidden. People who are born with the burdensome gift of magic are few and far between, probably because they're euthanized at a young age. Obviously this one survived. This guy is burnt from head to toe. He wraps himself up in bandages, robes, and whatever else he can to disguise his marred flesh. Also, he might be missing a leg. Don't know if that'll work so well. If this guy gets into any real heavy firestarting, a wooden leg might just get in the way. Then again, it'd be funny if he burnt his fake leg away. You can see how long his arms are. I think it looks pretty cool. Obviously anatomy gets in the way of that. One explanation could be that he's an elf or half-elf. Great thing about fantasy is that you can design fictional races to look however you want. This is just one character though. After I drew this guy, I figured I'd make some sort of peasant boy his friend.
This is Itch. He's a little errand boy who works in a tavern for the owner, who also happens to be his foster dad. He called him Itch 'cause he was left on the bar counter by some anonymous woman who couldn't take care of him. Ever since, he's been nothing but an itch on the back of the tavern owner that couldn't be scratched. At some point in time, the pyromancer wanders into the tavern and crosses paths with Itch. Itch learns about his horrible past, which I think will involve an entire village being inadvertently burned to the ground. Most importantly, Itch will learn that people who harness the burden of destruction are people too.

This is all tentative, of course. I would, however, appreciate any feedback or ideas. I feel like it cold go somewhere.

So I thought as long as I was scanning this stuff, I'd throw some other miscellaneous wotnots into the mix as well.

I fucking love American Psycho. Patrick Bateman is one of the funniest characters i've ever seen.

At Danielle's request, I drew her. The drawing sucked, so I told her I'd do a good one at some point. This is that good one. Too bad it's unflattering as hell.

I've been playing Warhammer Online. It's fantastic. Beats the shit out of WoW in the respect that you don't have to power level to the endgame to have fun with other players. These are a couple of doodles I did of a Zealot (top) and a Marauder (bottom).

I've got another autobio comic on the way, this time about the recent hurricane. I just need to color it and then I'll post it. In a hasty fashion. Post-haste.

- Maxburg out.


Anonymous said...

pretttyyyy sweet shit max. -Richard

Danielle said...

I really do wish I was Asian.