Friday, April 17, 2009


Soooo after playing (most of) Chrono Trigger, I became totally obsessed with Frog. Being obsessed with Frog, I now am obsessed with small, scaly/bumpy lizard/amphibian warriors. Knowing that designing a samurai frog would be a bit of a copout, I went with lizardmen! More specifically, dinosaurs. I don't know WHAT the fuck this guy is. I'm just gonna make up his species. But he does live amongst stegosaurs, and he is the last of his kind (how dramatic). His story will probably revolve around hunting down his kind's eggs, which are most likely frozen somewhere, since he washed to shore in a hunk of ice.

Aaaanyway, the first drawing is much more successful than the second, because he looks as squat and cute as I wanted him to. In the second drawing he's a bit taller than he should be, and loses some of the charm. QUESTIONS? COMMENTS?



Pratt said...

that was my favorite part of that page too.

being last of your kind is boring. make him the first of his kind because of some sort of sacrilegious interracial reptilian orgy.

maxburg said...

holy shit, pratt has its own personal blogger account

Hunter said...

sometimes it uses comic club's email account instead of mine.

janecake said...

it looks AWESOME! i love your inking style~