Sunday, May 11, 2008


So hey kids, how about that dystopia? This is the first in a long line of sketches i did of this particular character. Back before Kris told me what the project was gonna exactly consist of, my idea was to have this mechanic/family man character going. I was pretty enthusiastic about his design, as you can see in the following page.

And then, mean ol' Kris shot that idea down. I did, however, have a new thing to work from. I had to make a scientist character, a character with an appearance that suits the 1980s in America.
In the meantime, I designed this scary Russian guy. He might end up being someone's shady boss? I have no clue.
After doodling a WoW character I had recently made (Laurica), and after drawing Niko Bellic from GTA IV, I began doodling potential scientist faces. As you can see, by the end of this page, I came to the conclusion that I could simply slap glasses onto the steampunk mechanic, and viola. He's my 80's scientist.

Since there's some sort of virus involved in the story, I attempted to draw mutated lab rats. Don't pay no mind to them.

Alright, there's the stuff I said I needed to scan. When there's more, I'm sure it'll eventually find its way here. Until then,

- Maxburg out.

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Haha Laurica...